Come live the myth...

Visit Marathon! A word, a city, an idea, a unique history. A symbol of democracy, a flame that disseminates the values of the athletic ideal to every corner of the world.

Even the wealth of the Greek language doesn't seem enough when it's about giving prominence to the grandeur of the only city in the world that has given its name to an Olympic sport. Maybe, after all, this is the element that renders Marathon  unique in the world: The great idea that it symbolizes!

Welcome to our city, or as we, hospitable Greeks, say "kalos ilthate sto Marathona mas".  is not a simple website, for us all, its creators. It is something more. It was created to serve as a cultural bridge, a bridge that aims to unite millions of people around the world who praise the name and history of this small Greek town.

Traveling with devotion to the heritage of our ancestors, we invite you to walk with us to the incomparable natural beauty of today's  Marathon, to tour the rare archaeological sites,  to have fun as only  Greeks know how to.

To fully understand the greatness of this city it is not enough to read the millions of texts that have been written about it. We must, above all, visit it. We must walk in the valley where Miltiades and the Athenian heroes shielded the future of Europe, to run in the footsteps of the first marathon runner messenger conveying the famous "Nenikimamen" to the Athenians, to follow the path of the first marathon runners who ran in the modern history of Olympic Games ...

We are waiting for you at Marathon.

We invite you to live an unforgettable experience. We invite you to live your own myth!